SA business heavyweight pays it forward by developing an app for new business owners

Johannesburg – Over twenty years ago, a young Pan Africanist embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship and empowerment, designed to change the way that South African’s expressed themselves through hair.

Having a strong agenda of celebrating the African identity, physically and mentally, the iconic self-named Jabu Stone Natural Hair Care brand was born. Stone, a revered businessman and mentor in the country and continent at large, has continued in the spirit of innovation and empowerment, by developing a mobile phone application, designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

Introducing Afrobiz

Afrobiz was developed by the leading natural hair care brand to solve basic business issues that new and sometimes seasoned business owners may face.

His over two-decade tenure in the hair industry and as a business pioneer as a whole, Stone realized that there was a dire need for a convenient tool to see where money was going in and out of the business.

This, alongside other bread, and butter issues enabling entrepreneurs to measure growth- something most owners don’t focus on enough.

The app is designed as a tool for anyone looking to scale up their salon and keep track of receipts and automate expense management.

Some of the key features include:

  • Money Manager: Helping one track expenses and income by category.
  • Goal Setting: Enabling goal setting in terms of saving while automatically updating one’s balances as they progress towards said goals.
  • Reporting: These financial reports spotlight spending and income by date
  • Leaderboard: Offers the ability for healthy peer to peer competition and motivation, as one measures one’s business performance against one’s peers.
  • Portfolio: Designed to ensure a business owner can build a portfolio and show previous work to clients
  • Product management: To monitor and manage product inventory.
  • Client Database: Aiding in keeping and manage one’s client database.
  • Appointment scheduling: Streamlining appointment management, ensuring the optimization of client’s precious time.

“There are many things one learns in the world of entrepreneurship, but a universal rule is the rule of systems. With better systems, we have better businesses. I want to make sure our people are empowered with the tools, so they can grow into the African dream,” said Founder and CEO, Jabu Stone.

The app is free to download from any Android device.

SA business heavyweight pays it forward by developing an app for new business owners
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